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Website Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What does the status 'Awaiting Shipment' mean?

This means the box is made that the products are being sent in. Also the packing slip is printed and the delivery date and production date is scheduled for a future date normally in the next 2 working days. Awaiting Shipment does not mean the products are in the box. The products are sent on the day they come out of the oven to ensure maximum freshness.

Q2. I have a voucher code - where do I input the voucher code to get my discount?

Input the code in the Coupon Code box as shown below


Q3. I have £35.01 or more of products in my basket but a delivery charge is still showing on the order?

Remove all the products from the basket - refresh the screen - then add the products to the basket again. This will remove the delivery charge.