Terms Conditions & Waivers

Terms Conditions & Waivers - Incredible Bakery Company

1. Incredible Bakery Company ("the company") will endeavour to provide the best service it possibly can on all occasions.

2. Despite appearances, the company is not a supermarket such as Ocado, Sainsbury's & Tesco so is unable to provide an exact delivery time at the time of an order. The company does not have a fleet of vans providing deliveries around the UK. We have one method of providing delivery which is DPD local. The company is not liable for failure to provide the same service as a Supermarket.

3. The company's expected service level is that delivery will happen up to 7 working days after an order is received. Definition of a working day is Monday to Friday. Bank holidays are not working days. 

4. The company is not liable for losses experienced by customers who do not inform the company using email or telephone, that they want a particular day for delivery and then ask for a future delivery date from DPD local after shipment. 

5. Customers are expected to read and understand the 'Shipping FAQs' on the company website homepage before shipment of products. The company shall not be held liable for a service which results from failure to read and understand the Shipping FAQs.

6. If after receiving the products you have any complaints about the quality or appearance of the products please take photos of the products involved and send to us.

7. Customers using abusive language or trolling behaviour will at the company's discretion, be denied service, be denied requests for refunds, be denied store credits and will be denied resends of orders.