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Shipping FAQs


For local customers there is an option to collect Incredible products with no delivery charge from our bakery in Warkton, Northamptonshire, NN16 9XJ. Please call 01536 601600 if you want to collect in Warkton.

The current lead time for delivery is 3 or 4 working days from the day of the order. Working days meaning - Monday to Friday and not a Bank Holiday.

1. Can I request a future date for delivery?

Yes, you can. Put the date you are requiring for delivery in the 'Order Comments' box before payment. We will arrange that for you but you must give at least 3 working days notice. Plus the date must be a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. We only do deliveries on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

2. Can I write a Special Message for the person receiving the box? 

Yes. Write the message in the 'Order Comments' box. This message will automatically go on the packing slip which will be in the box. 

2. How do I know that you are preparing my order?

You will receive an email saying 'Order status has changed to Awaiting Shipment' when we begin making your order. This means your order is going out for delivery by DPD on the following day. 

3. Does your courier send alerts to let me know about delivery times? 

Yes. Your email address or mobile phone number will be used to send an alert from DPD giving you a 1 hour delivery slot on the day of delivery. 

4. How much does it cost for shipping?

Delivery charge breakdown. Orders of £1 to £10 - £6 delivery charge. Orders £10.01 to £20 - £5 delivery charge. Orders of £20.01 to £30 - £3.50 delivery charge. Orders £30.01 and over - Free Delivery.
5. Which company do you use for deliveries?
We use the DPD next day courier service to make all deliveries. Next day means delivery is on the next day following making the products.
6. How long does it take to receive your items in the post?
DPD make deliveries for us to any destination in the UK with a next day delivery on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. For Northern Ireland & the Highlands & Islands we offer a 2 day service at the same cost as all other deliveries.
7. When do deliveries happen when there is a Bank Holiday?
Our courier does not collect or deliver on an English Bank Holiday so for instance on May Day week we can only do deliveries on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday as we do a next day delivery. This ensures that the products always arrive fresh as a daisy.
8. Are items baked fresh the day they are shipped?
Yes. We ship all products fresh with a next day delivery.
9. Is it better to order during the week as opposed to Fridays, so that products are not held up on Sunday when there are no deliveries made?
If you order during the week you will get your delivery quicker as we deliver on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday. As we ship the product fresh with a next day delivery, no delivery will be held up on Sunday at the depot.
10. Is there a time cut off for ordering during the week?
You can request a delivery day in the Order Instructions/Comments box when you place an order.
Otherwise: Cut off time for a Friday delivery is the end of the day on Wednesday. Cut off time for a Thursday delivery is end of day on Tuesday. Cut off time for a Wednesday delivery is end of day on Monday. Cut off time for a Tuesday delivery is end of day on Saturday.
The current lead time is around 3 working days. Working days meaning - Monday to Friday.

11. Can I return my products?






We're very sorry, but our products are made to order and cannot be returned.
12. What happens if my products arrived damaged?

If your products arrived damaged please contact us directly on 01536 601 600 or through your order link and we will do our best to resolve the problem.

13. I have changed my mind and would like a replacement or refund, is that possible?

Unfortunately, we can't offer a replacement or refund for any items you change your mind about after your delivery.