Golden Linseed Loaf

The Incredible Golden Linseed Loaf is very high in fibre. A wheat based wholemeal loaf contains on average 7.5% to 8% of fibre. The Incredible Golden Linseed Loaf contains an enormous 10.2% of fibre. 

Also the Golden Linseed Loaf is 'Low in Saturated Fat'. It contains 1.07% which is below the EU Threshold to make this claim of 1.5%.

Below is the full Category 2 Nutritional Report for the Incredible Golden Linseed Loaf courtesy of Intertek.

Energy (kcal)                                                    234 kcal/100g

Energy (kJ)                                                       974 kJ/100g

Available Carbohydrate by Difference        21.8 g/100g

Total Sugars                                                     1.4 g/100g

Total Fat                                                           11.4 g/100g

Saturated Fat                                                    1.07 g/100g

Mono-unsaturates                                            6.02 g/100g

Polyunsaturated Fat                                         3.81 g/100g

Transunsaturated Fat                                       < 0.1 g/100g

Oven Moisture                                                  48.7 g/100g

Total Ash                                                          2.0 g/100g

AOAC Dietary Fibre                                           10.2 g/100g

Total Sodium                                                    0.414 g/100g

Sodium as Salt                                                 1.05 g/100g

Total Nitrogen                                                  0.95 g/100g

Total Protein                                                    5.9 g/100g