Buckwheat Loaf

The Buckwheat Loaf continues to raise the bar by testing for fibre content at a mega 12.9% dwarfing the previous champion in the savoury loaf range - the Onion & Seeds Loaf which has 11.9% fibre. Sensors indicate that the Buckwheat Loaf has the highest fibre content of any loaf in the land.

Additionally the Buckwheat Loaf is low in saturated fat at 0.94%. Surely a champion in its category.

Full category 2 nutrition results shown below were compiled by the food lab egg heads at Intertek.


Energy (kcal)                                                             283 kcal/100g

Energy (kJ)                                                                 1181 kJ/100g

Available Carbohydrate by Difference                 26.8 g/100g

Total Sugars                                                               1.0 g/100g

Total Fat                                                                    13.5 g/100g

Saturated Fat                                                           0.94 g/100g

Mono-unsaturates                                                  7.6 g/100g

Polyunsaturated Fat                                             4.36 g/100g

Transunsaturated Fat                                          < 0.1 g/100g

Oven Moisture                                                        37.3 g/100g

Total Ash                                                                 2.3 g/100g

AOAC Dietary Fibre                                             12.9 g/100g

Total Sodium                                                        0.419 g/100g

Sodium as Salt                                                    1.06 g/100g

Total Nitrogen                                                    1.16 g/100g

Total Protein                                                      7.2 g/100g