Organic Sea Spaghetti

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Organic Sea Spaghetti by Cornish Seaweed Company

The Cornish Seaweed Company is a small team of passionate sea weeders providing sustainably hand-harvested organic sea veggies.

Sea spaghetti makes a great accompaniment to its land-based namesake, but it’s wholly more healthy and versatile. Re-hydrate by soaking in water, before chopping and added to meaty dishes like pies, stews and stir fries for an umami twist.

The Cornish Seaweed Company aim to provide sustainably harvested, local, edible seaweeds and introduce these as an alternative food source that is healthy, nutritional, tasty, and good for the environment. They do all of this wonderful stuff with a keen understanding of the importance of seaweed on marine life. To ensure they’re having a positive impact they take what they describe as an “ecosystem approach”, meaning that they promote conservation across the length of the Cornish coast. 

Nutritional Information per 100g/ml

Energy (kJ): 747.0

Energy (kcal): 179.0

Protein (g): 10.0

Carbohydrate (g): 29.0

of which sugars (g): 0.0

Fat (g): 2.7

of which saturates (g): 0.7

Salt (g): 9.1


(No reviews yet) Write a Review