Organic Coconut Milk Powder

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Coconut Merchant Coconut Milk Powder 250g

Vegan Milk Powder Alternative for Curries, Soups, Sauces, Smoothies and Drinks

Versatile, Drink It, Add it, Stir it

  • VEGAN MILK ALTERNATIVE - A great, dairy free milk alternative, for all your drinking, cooking and baking needs!
  • 100% NATURAL & ORGANIC - our coconut milk powder is a long-life, easy-to-use alternative to traditional coconut milk. Make coconut milk to the strength and consistency you need - whether its milk for drinking, milk for cooking or even cream for baking!
  • HOW DO I USE IT? So simple - simply add water to the milk powder to the concentration you need, and enjoy!
  • CONVENIENT - No more issues with half used cans of milk, trying to find something to store them after you've used a little, or issues with shelf-life and wasted coconut milk. Because it is in powder form, you can just use the amount you need, and easily store the rest for later.
  • ETHICALLY SOURCED - Our milk powder is sourced from sustainable plantations in Vietnam, coconut milk powder is a fantastic way to add a creamy coconut twist to your dishes!

Fresh Coconut Milk Extract 78%, glucose syrup, Natural Cavamax W6, Di-potassium phosphate, Monoglycerid, Xanthan gum

A long-life, easy-to-use alternative to traditional coconut milk, our 100% natural Coconut Milk Powder is the perfect way to enjoy the benefits of coconut milk without the short lifespan once opened. Dairy free and vegan friendly, it's great for drinking, cooking and baking alike - simply add water to make your coconut milk as creamy or light as desired!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review